Edison NJ – A Growing Town With a Strong Arts and Cultural Scene

A hamlet in Middlesex County, Edison NJ has two high schools (Edison and J.P. Stevens) and 19 schools in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The population is approximately 16,203. The township has a reputation for its high quality of education and is ranked the sixth best community to raise children in the state according to the National Association of Realtors.

The township is home to a number of notable institutions including the Edison Institute of Technology, Thomas Edison State Park and the Edison Historical Museum. The town has a strong arts and cultural scene as well and is served by a variety of performing venues including the John Phillip Sousa Foundation Band Hall at Edison State Park.

While it is not as heavily industrialized as many other areas in Edison, NJ of New Jersey, Edison is a thriving area and has a good selection of retail and restaurants. There are also a number of recreational opportunities available including the Carnegie and Farrington lakes and the Cheesequake State Park.

Edison is about half an hour from both Midtown Manhattan and Trenton, making it a convenient commuter location. The township has its own public transportation system, the Edison Transit Authority and there are several bus routes running through the town. The New Jersey Turnpike and Interstate 287 run through Edison, with the Garden State Parkway not far away. The Northeast Corridor line of NJ Transit also passes through the township.

In the early 1800s, Edison began work on a quadruplex telegraph, which could transmit two messages at once and helped to bring the United States into the modern age of telecommunications. He also invented the phonograph and cylinders that allowed for the recording of musical performances. Edison was very involved in business matters during this time and often worked through the night. His personal life was complicated by his mother’s illness and his constant working.

After the success of his telegraph inventions Edison decided to focus on other forms of communications and in 1878 developed a light bulb that burned continuously, using a carbon filament instead of a gas flame. He also continued to develop a range of other electrical devices, including the dynamo and electric generator.

Originally known as Raritan Township, the name was changed to Edison in honor of its most famous son. The township has numerous odes to the inventor including a museum and a memorial tower.

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