How to Attract More Visitors to Your Home Lifestyle Blog

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If you are starting a Home Lifestyle Blog, you are probably looking for ideas on how to attract traffic. This can be a difficult task because there are so many different types of blogs out there. But if you are committed to doing it right, there are ways to generate traffic through your blog. Here are some tips to help you. Listed below are some of the most important aspects of a lifestyle blog. To attract more visitors, you should make your content more compelling.

An Indigo Day

Today is Indigo Day, which marks the arrival of the month of indigo. Rather than merely buying books at Indigo, you can pick up a new space-saving air fryer or an ultra-comfy mattress. You can even pick up new home accessories from Canadian companies like Matt & Nat, a stylish Canadian brand with a retro-cool logo. If you’re looking to live a greener lifestyle, you’ll also want to check out Herschel Supply Co.

The deep, blue-purplish hue of indigo is the perfect shade for spring and summer. Its calming effect is reminiscent of the sea glass, or even the summer sky at night. This color is equally versatile as black, being both formal and casual. It embraces a variety of lifestyles, including urban, rural, and bohemian. So, if you’re looking to update your home’s decor with an indigo color scheme, here are some tips to get you started:


Lisa Bryan, founder of Downshiftology – Home Lifestyle Blog, believes in the importance of a well-balanced life and incorporating meal prep into your daily routine. She offers recipes based on different diets and healthy lifestyle tips. You can also find out more about her travels and healthy cooking tips on her blog. Her blog is also available on Instagram. While Downshiftology focuses on a healthy lifestyle, there are other similar lifestyle blogs you can read.

Founded in 2016, Downshiftology has grown to have more than 40,000 subscribers. In 2017, the site saw a ten-fold increase in subscribers, largely due to popular recipes and the addition of meal prep videos. These videos were especially helpful for those with immune-deficiencies, which brought in new subscribers and turned it into a mainstay of the company’s business. However, Bryan is not satisfied with just a home lifestyle blog. He has been creating content for over a year and is currently working on several new features.


As the founder of the popular Goop Home Lifestyle Blog, I’ve seen many trends come and go. But one thing I’ve always been impressed with is the level of detail and dedication that GP has put into her blog. Her work is not just based on her experiences, but on her own research. In addition to her articles, she also creates beautiful, educational spaces where she shares her insights and experiences with readers. Here are some of my favorite Goop products:

Using photos and videos on their website is a smart move for a brand like Goop. The brand knows that people are interested in photos and videos, and that engaging consumers is key to success. Goop has even partnered with a number of other popular brands, such as Juice Beauty and Flow Alkaline Spring Water, to boost their visibility. Goop is also consistently producing quality content and using influencers to reach a large audience.


Katherine Griffin, the blogger behind Corporette, is a real lawyer. Her full name is Katherine Vogele Griffin, and she graduated with honors from Georgetown Law, where she served as the executive editor of the Law Journal. After graduating, she worked as a litigation attorney for Cahill Gordon & Reindel, the firm where Floyd Abrams is a partner. In addition to writing about fashion, Griffin also advises women on how to adapt their looks for different situations.

Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight is a lifestyle blog helmed by graphic designer Kate Arends, and it has grown into a small brand design company. Kate’s blog features contributions spanning style, home decorating, and food, and even includes a section devoted to photography. You can also find useful recipes and decorating inspiration here. The Wit & Delight Home Lifestyle Blog can help you discover new home décor trends and products.

The Wit & Delight Home Lifestyle Blog is a blog that chronicles the styled life of author Kate Arends Peters. Peters also has a large following on Instagram, where she posts images of her home. For example, her followers have seen her living room from a dozen different angles. Her secret? It takes two seconds to get the perfect lighting. Peters has become a social media sensation, with her Instagram account featured by Pinterest.

The Mother Chic

The Motherchic is an online lifestyle blog with a focus on helping moms feel less alone in their journeys. The site features home decorating and lifestyle tips, as well as recipes and fashion finds. The site is run by two women, one of whom is Schuster’s sister. The blog has an intimate community of readers. As a mom herself, Schuster knows what a busy mom wants and needs. She even replies to queries on Facebook – and if she doesn’t have an answer, she does her best to find out.

Lindsey Schuster, author of The Mother Chic Home Lifestyle Blog, has a passion for fashion and motherhood. Her ideal T-shirt fits loosely and skims the body. Blousy jumpsuits and blouses are also must-haves this spring. However, blousy pieces need to be easy to nurse. All apparel should be worn with sneakers. Otherwise, they might get stained and may not stay fresh.