The Digital Economy Forum in Milan

the Digital Economy Forum in Milan

The Future of Tomorrow will be a central theme of this year’s Digital Economy Forum in Milan. In this article, we’ll look at the partners, participants, and Webcast. You’ll also learn about the Digital Economy Forum’s Future of Tomorrow Awards and the Future of Tomorrow Award for best business ideas. To learn more, check out our full list of speakers. And don’t miss out on the

The Future of Tomorrow

The digital economy is permeating the world economy, generating unprecedented amounts of data. This has a profound effect on trade, innovation, global value chains and society. It is crucial for Italy to develop a culture of innovation, and the Digital Economy Forum was the perfect venue to start this process. Here’s how the event went. Here’s what the panelists had to say. Read on to discover the key lessons learned.

Partner organizations

The World Economic Forum and ICC have partnered to implement a comprehensive road map to boost the digital economy. The Roadmap provides an overview of a number of key issues and objectives. This guideline focuses on the development of e-commerce and trade-related digital economy initiatives. This guide will help countries implement the roadmap. It also contains recommendations for capacity building in the digital economy. Digital Economy Forum members have been involved in implementing the Roadmap since its inception.


The Digital Economy Forum would facilitate policy and regulatory coordination, cooperation, and coherence among governments in the global digital economy. The Forum would bring together national policymakers to share their experiences and exchange views. The aim would be to create consensus on common goals and principles, and promote interoperability of existing frameworks. Participants would be expected to make valuable contributions to the global digital economy. This paper discusses the key elements of a Digital Economy Forum and provides examples of how it could work.


The G20 Future of Tomorrow event was a webcast event that was intended to assess the current state of the digital economy in Italy. The event featured more than 30 speakers, including entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, and experts. They discussed issues related to innovation and digitalization, as well as how to improve the country’s digital infrastructure. In addition, the event featured a discussion on cybersecurity. While the Webcast focused on the technological aspects of digital economy, it also touched on the challenges faced by governments.


During the OECD Digital Economy Forum in Milan, a number of OECD experts and thought leaders will discuss the issues that matter most to the digital economy. Their discussion will be informed by the OECD Guidelines, which aim to ensure that personal data is securely transferred across borders. These are the cornerstones of OECD work in the field of information security and privacy. The OECD iLibrary provides access to all OECD publications, podcasts and related content in MP3 and PDF formats.

G20 ministerial meeting

The G20 ministerial meeting on the digital economy will be part of the Italian Presidency of the G20 Summit in October 2021. The theme of this summit is “People, Planet, Prosperity.” The meeting is also a great opportunity to focus on issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid response to it. In addition to the underlying economic issues, the Italian Presidency will promote information sharing and resilience.

COVID-19 pandemic

A digital economy forum that focuses on the global challenges and opportunities associated with the COVID-19 epidemic will be held in Italy on October 20, 2021. The G20’s theme this year is “People, Planet, Prosperity” and will seek to ensure a rapid international response to this and future health-related shocks. During this event, thought leaders from government, academia, and business will discuss COVID-19, its effects, and how best to address it.