What Is the Best Wood Countertops For the Kitchen?

What are the best wood countertops for the kitchen? A quick search online will yield numerous internet sources that will have you ask this very question. You want to know how to choose the best material, but at the same time you want to know how to get the best countertop finish so that your new countertop will last for many years.

Wood countertops are actually the most common choice when people want to remodel their kitchen. However, a wood countertop will not last very long. If you want to maintain a long-lasting countertop that will look good as well as performing it is very important to understand the proper care you should be giving your countertop. Here are some suggestions that will help you decide.

First, know that wood is a natural product. That means that it will need to be cared for in the same way that you would your floors and other outdoor surfaces. A properly maintained wood countertop will hold up better and be easier to clean. The correct weatherproofing and stain application are critical. The more often you treat your wood surface, the longer it will last.

The most common elements of a wood surface are bevels, veneers, and glazing. In order to keep these surfaces looking their best you need to apply an appropriate sealant on a regular basis and to keep it sealed properly, you will also need to use a weatherproofing agent.

Although a wood surface will stain and shine, using the proper sealant and keeping it sealed properly is critical to the longevity of your new countertop. Even if you apply the right sealant you will still need to protect the surface from humidity, water, and other contaminants. If you do not use a topcoat, moisture can still seep through and the surface will start to deteriorate.

Topcoats and varnishes are specially formulated to protect against humidity and water. Although they do not remove stains or polish finishes, they protect against moisture that is present in the air around your kitchen. If you do not get the right topcoat and varnish you may end up with an ugly browned or blackened countertop. This will not look good at all and will certainly ruin the appearance of your countertop.

The best materials to use to protect your wood surface are particle board and laminate. The particle board has a high gloss that makes it look great and makes it stand up to daily use better than the wood. The particle board is also much easier to clean than wood.

On the other hand, the laminate has been manufactured to mimic the look and feel of wood and laminate is also easily cleaned. Because laminate has a glossy finish, you may think that it is a bad choice of material. This is true if you do not want the stain to show through.

If you have children in the house who spend most of their time in the kitchen, it is best to avoid particle board. The grain of the wood can make the child’s fingers and hands uncomfortable to touch. With laminate, the grain is so finely textured that the child’s hand will not be able to get hurt by it.

Another factor to consider when selecting countertops for your kitchen is the height of the countertop. Not everyone wants a tall countertop. For the people who do not like heights you should look at countertops with corner cutting capabilities. Many kitchen designers use this feature when selecting countertops.

Another thing to consider is the color of the wood. Even though there are a lot of colors available for countertops, some colors will have more permanence than others. If you decide to go with a darker wood like red oak, you will want to be sure that you choose a wood stain to match the color. Also make sure that the stain matches the kitchen hardware because if not you will have difficulty covering them up.

What are the best wood countertops for the kitchen? Having the right selection of material and stain is critical.